Temporary Satisfaction ©

You are just temporary satisfied with the way I look

and your three-worded-lingo is now misuse and misunderstood

that immense attraction was only physical

and it’ll be hard for you to think anything other than the typical

and even if I tried to prove myself otherwise

that I’m not a piece of meat passed through the choir

would your satisfaction only be valid until there’s a new desire?

I’m curious on what you may like about me

because if love at first sight is true—

why are your eyes drooling with lust as

your man down there magically grew?

Like I’m not upset, but can your lustful attraction stand elsewhere?

Somewhere that’s useful for both of us in the meantime?

If I was looking for a temporary love

wouldn’t you think he’ll be here already?

Complimenting my ass,

only calling me in the late hours,

never caring about what I was doing

yet only caring about what we were doing for the night

his fantasy would be beyond me.

Though having a temporary love could be fun

and only having momentary feelings soon to think he’s the one

shouldn’t a forever and stability be a constant wish?

And instead of having that infatuation

you start to fall in love slowly

and instead of only caring about your own desires

you’re wanting the best for both parties

and instead of saying “I love you” only to get in their pants

or win their heart

your love is unconditional

and instead of constantly misspelling LOVE with L.U.S.T.

your actions are speaking louder.

I guess it’s gotten to the point

of accepting the real from the fake

the lust from the love

you from me

because it’s far beyond the temporary satisfaction can’t you see?


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Syd Leilani © 2021