Soul Ties©

I’m not going to say

deep down inside it doesn’t hurt me

because it does

the thought of losing you makes my mind cringe

it makes me second think every decision I made

because am I sane enough to give it all up?

or is it me protecting my heart for the long-run?

I swore the last time I saw you, it’ll be it

that our initial goodbyes would be the last time

but we’re two ex-lovers still compelled to one another

I’m not sure when to cut our ties

or even if it’s possible after the many tries

I’m assuming our souls are connected somehow, right?

It’ll be easy to just walk away and erase the pain

be forgetful about everything that was created,

but this immense attraction

the always craving has me circling down a dark hole

that I never thought I’ll be chasing

could I just cut the strings and stop the wasting of time?

How did I assume we were soulmates

when did our lustful actions say otherwise?

I was addicted to your love language

as I lied to everyone I knew

because how do you go back to the same person

who hurt you?

and no, I don’t regret any of the lies,

nor the pain or the envy I despised

it’s my growth that’s the ultimate prize

and I’ll respect that life will be different between our eyes

and yes, I hope you find that love your chasing

and I come to the acceptance to the sins I started erasing

just don’t fuck up because our souls are mysteriously connected

and lost to you, would be one to me too.


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