Peace of Mind©

I pledge allegiance to my peace of mind

to my mental health that’s more important

then constantly being abused all the time

always with the hopes of someone changing for the better

it’s my kindness betrayed,

my heart that’s enslaved,

leaving my mind to resonate with staying in character.

It was easier to play the role, so

instead of me wishing away the pain

I always begged for it to stay

instead of learning for the situation

I would allow the situation to make me

instead of putting myself first

I was last and even more at risk of being hurt.

I’m learning in order to progress

I’ll have to start putting myself more ahead

that the quicker I can say fuck it

could leave many words left unsaid

and waiting for others to change is like

taking a laxative yet only feeling constipated in bed

that my sanity is more important

than always handing out second chances

so, I’m done allowing the simplest shit to bypass

because I owe it to myself to gain my own self-respect.


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