Empty Promises©

I have to move on from this constant race trying to change things that are no longer the case begging for those empty promises to one day be fulfilled it’s not my fault, but it is, I gave my hope a thrill

it couldn’t have just been a desired void an ongoing cringe my body was annoyed and once again on this day—you found a way a way so simple, you knew how to turn my life gray

I’m not sure if many cared about my education, yet everyone’s waiting to attend my graduation so many damned the process moving their pawns as if we’re playing chess to not progress

promises upon anticipation once was all right, yet look at the creation those empty promises going all through my head trying to remember the last thing you had said

I prayed and you stole you had strayed and I was left not, whole you require so very much from me yet the obvious, you cannot give to ye

maybe it was supposed to be like this, it just hurt me inside and makes it hard not to reminisce just let me open up a briefcase to try to embrace all the challenges that took place,

but would that help or will I end up needed an Advil? just donate my heart to Goodwill because whatever healing process I went through was destroyed and there was nothing I could have really avoid


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