Affair of Time by Syd Leilani

Published in University Spring Literary Magazine called, Enjambed.

There was a time, where everything was perfect

birds chirping, flowers growing

people smiling and the sky bluer than blue

a time of the unthinkable

there wasn't any drama nor jails to be found

everyone was who they were supposed to be

falling in love wasn't something unbelievable to happen

it was a part of the normality

it was unimaginable for someone not to be

children playing joyfully without any worries

and to those who'd stay inside would question why

a time of the impeccable, unimaginable, superb society.

However, look at time currently

the time of the flawed, defective, substandard society

it's like we throw away time as if it was worthless,

but ask for it again when it's no longer available

what are we actually doing to our community?

drama here, drama there, drama everywhere

people agitated, angry, and miserable on a daily basis

is this really what we became?

To a world that is apparently so perfect

it has a questionable way of showing it

why can't we go back to a time when it was actually complete?

It's like our mind wanting more, but our hearts saying no

a constant fight at war

that led our society to be what it is today,

but unusually time is the only one losing

the moments we could have shared,

the hours we could have been laughing,

the days we could have been exceeding

sadly, "we could" wasn't enough, so time began to vanish.

Second by second

minute by minute

hour by hour

day by day

where did the time go?

Just as humans, time also has feelings

it hates being taken advantage

it hates feeling less important

it hates knowing something is out there being treated better

so, it starts to disappear

quicker and faster as moments past

and one day it'll cease to even exist.


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