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A Birthday Special: Her Storm Rises

Behind every strong person, there was once a storm that led them to where they are today. No matter how big or how powerful it may have been, we all have that reason “why.” That cause is one of the many explanations on why that purpose drives us and gives us the motive to move on and began to rise. Coming soon on August 5, 2019, is the beginning of my newest poetry series. I’m so delighted to announce the start of the series with “Her Storm Rises.” We all are running a marathon, I’m just trying to keep my storm at the same pace. 

syd lei-la-ni


Noun: Syd Leilani

1. someone who is warmhearted and has a vision tackling each and every day her best. 

2.*currently looking for definitions


the ocean you snowed over is always needing

        never fleeing or bleeding 

               snowing in places that only accepted you as a reject 

                       I can only imagine the bravery you kept, 

                                 but you continued to snow, why? 

                                             and melt away in many fears, 

                       though in seconds it disappears 

               can be so hard to find,  

                            the obscuring dreamlike vision you shared 

                                          you are one of a kind 

                                                           glistening down, 

            she was the world’s keeper belonging to someone else 

                                                                                   but herself 

                                             devoted to saving everyone, 

           something rare that shared little emotion 

You were the snow over the ocean 

                                                                ~Snow Over The Ocean

She was something in the roses 

You would never expect 

Daring to be distinctive of her own 

Never allowing the beautiful and perfect flowers around her take effect-- in 

Everything she dreamt in being, 

Yet she was just something in the roses 


Lowering her standards not realizing her worth 

Envisioning her growth, but 

In today’s reality, she’s just something that’s rare to the earth 

Love she had continued to give 

Although so hard for her to find 

Not allowing herself to give up 

In becoming someone who’s easy to define 

                                                  ~Something In The Roses

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