Syd Leilani


                    Sydney Leilani Sonnier known as Syd Leilani was born on August 5 in Inglewood, California.  Syd Leilani came into this world with a non-discriminative entrepreneurial personality.  Friendly and compassionate from the start, with the hope of changing the world making it better for everyone.  Syd is a God-fearing born leader with a tremendous heart.  Always looking out for her neighbor, Sydney was convinced at the young age of 5 that she will end homelessness. A star that shines impeccably bright, she has managed to grab the hearts of all, via her polished mannerism, her immense love for her higher being, and through her many types of writing material. 


            Syd Leilani has grown today with the exact same dreams. Now her dreams are followed up with an astounding plan of action to be sure her dream isn't just a vision but a reality. Passing out blankets and care packages to the homeless in her community to mentoring children throughout their upcoming teenhood. She is a strong, beautiful, loving, remarkably creative, and intelligent young woman whose goals are far beyond her time.  Syd Leilani has jumpstarted her life by pursuing her life dreams one-by-one while volunteering immensely in her community and becoming the founder of Prolific Styles, Inc, Sante Boxes Inc, S.L.S. Shoots, and co-founder of Busy Balls, Inc. She also has published a poetry book called, "Marathon" relating to numerous coming of age themes. As we prepare for the future, let's watch Syd Leilani's impeccable journey come into existence.    




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