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Can I Tell You A Story Or Two?
I am, her.
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To The Girl I Once Knew
Game of Love
Mother May I?
Letters to my INSANITY
Finding Myself

Finding Myself

Syd Leilani

Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted a change. A change within myself, within my work, and within life altogether. I didn't want to stir too far from what I was already doing, yet expand into something greater. "Finding Myself" is a spoken word album fully expressing my pathway to this change. Discussing topics related to family, love, lust, self-worth & self-understanding connects to me discovering my most authentic self.

Can I Tell You A Story Or Two?

Season Two coming soon.



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To The Girl I Once Knew

The Girl I Once Knew A Poetry Collection By: Syd Leilani To the girl, I once knew. Who's smile was the most powerful weapon in the room. Who's kindness surpassed the evilness in the world. To the girl who fell in love with 'quarter cookies.' "The Girl I Once Knew" coming soon March 31st, 2020. A poetry collection relating to love, family, hardship, and forgiveness with each one taking a toll on a coming-of-age story. Shout out to the girl, I once knew, who's becoming someone...

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